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David Williams | Debt Claims
If your claim is only for money, you may wish to consider making a claim on-line: HMCS Money Claim Online.

However, many such claims become complicated and you should still consult a solicitor prior to making such a claim. We may be able to issue uncomplicated debt claims at a very small fixed fee.

The following website may also be of some assistance to you when managing your credit control: The Better Payment Practice Campaign.

We will be able to discuss any such issues with you and to advise you on the best procedures suitable for you in order to secure payments from your debtors. We will advise you about issuing claims and procedures thereafter. We may be able to offer you an annual debt collecting service at a fixed fee.

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyer David Williams please contact our Litigation secretary Viki Summers.

Telephone: 01494 864650
Email: viki@dc-kaye.co.uk