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Private Client | Probate and Estate Administration
Administering the Estate of someone who has died can be a daunting task, particularly at such a difficult and sensitive time. We aim to help you through the process by offering a flexible, friendly and effective approach to the administration of the Estate.

Estate administration usually includes the following processes:
  1. Completing Inheritance Tax Forms
  2. Applying to the Court for a Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration)
  3. Collecting in the Assets
  4. Transferring or Selling Property
  5. Paying all Debts and Liabilities (including Funeral Costs)
  6. Completing Income Tax Returns
  7. Tracing Beneficiaries
  8. Distributing any Legacies
  9. Resolving any Disputes on the Will or the Estate
  10. Distributing the Final Sums to the Beneficiaries
Further Information

For more information on the above procedures and how costs are dealt with click here.

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