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Private Client | Trusts and Family Estate Protection
Trust Wills

The Discretionary Trust Will is the simplest, most common form of Will to deal with protecting your Estate exclusively for your chosen beneficiaries. The Estate will pass to the nominated beneficiaries via a set of ‘loan’ documents under which the ‘loan’ is repayable on the death of the beneficiary (or during the beneficiary’s lifetime at the beneficiary’s own direction). As the estate passes to the beneficiary he/she has full access to those assets to use in the same way as a gift could be used. They can spend or give away the capital. However, on death of the beneficiary, his/her estate is charged to repay the loan to the next generation of Trust beneficiaries (usually the children or grandchildren of the will-maker). The pattern repeats and each generation receives the Estate of the will-maker in turn as a ‘loan’. In that way the following protections can apply to your beneficiaries:
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance tax
  • Nursing and care fees
  • Creditors/bankruptcy

A full set of notes on the above is available on request. Our suggestion is that you contact us to arrange an appointment so we can advise you in person and explain the provisions in more detail.

Trusts Created in your Lifetime

These are becoming extremely popular tools for everyday families to protect their Estates for the future generations.
Lifetime Trusts are useful tools for families to

(i) reduce their estate value for Inheritance Tax purposes,
(ii) protect their estate from being diminished by payment of care fees,
(iii) ensure your wishes for your estate are put in place for your family while you are in good health.

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