Buying a Property

  1. We send you a client care letter with information about property ownership together with a property questionnaire to obtain the necessary information about your intended purchase.
  2. Once we receive all the contract papers from the seller’s solicitors, we apply for the necessary property searches through search agents and we raise enquiries about the property.
  3. Once we have search results and the answers to all our enquiries, we either report to you in writing, but preferably we ask you to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss all aspects of the property you are about to buy and also your future mortgage, if any.
  4. We will ask you to sign the contract, the transfer and the mortgage, if any.
  5. When you pay us 5–10% deposit and when you instruct us to do so, we will exchange contracts – this is when your purchase becomes binding and we will agree a completion date.
  6. We carry out post-completion searches for your protection and request the mortgage money from your bank/building society if any and/or request you to pay the balance of the purchase price.
  7. On completion date we pay the money to the seller’s solicitors and arrange for them to agree to release the keys to you.
  8. We prepare the stamp duty forms and pay the stamp duty, if any.
  9. We make the application to the Land Registry and deal with all its requisitions.
  10. We give you further advice regarding your property ownership and other legal matters to protect your future legal position and send you a confirmation of your ownership once fully completed.
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