We provide vital advice for both employers and employees. Employment law is a complex and evolving area of law which seeks to protect the rights of both Employers and Employees. Employment law in the UK is constantly evolving by European Union law, Human Rights law, UK legislation and case law and our specialist employment lawyers keep up to date with these changes to provide a streamlined efficient and very knowledgeable service to our clients. DC Kaye & Co has been advising on all areas of employment law for over 30 years and has had a dedicated employment law department for more than 20 years. We are committed to providing effective and reliable advice to find solutions to the wide-ranging problems that can arise in this complex area of law for all Employees and Employers whether small or large business, sole trader, partnership, limited company, limited partnership or public liability company.

While you may find some of the information that you are looking for in these web pages, it will not cover the individual and specific circumstances of your matter. To get detailed advice you should contact our Employment Department. We offer a free half hour to discuss your employment options and solutions.

Dispute Resolution

Because we believe that it is in the best interests of both Employer and Employee to try to resolve your dispute without the need for litigation or Employment Tribunal proceedings, we offer a dispute resolution service where we can act as an impartial mediator to initially help you to discuss your point of view and reach an amicable solution to your problem.

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  Our Employment Team

David Williams - Solicitor, Partner / Director
Nick Hallchurch - Solicitor
Robert Hill - Solicitor
Viki Summers - Litigation Assistant
Patricia Brown - Litigation Assistant

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyers please contact our Litigation Assistants.

Amersham telephone: 01494 729024
Email: patricia@dc-kaye.co.uk

Aylesbury telephone: 01296 596969
Email: viki@dc-kaye.co.uk

Prestwood telephone: 01494 862226
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Wendover telephone: 01296 620443
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