Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the excellent service in relation to my house sale; I would certainly recommend you to others." Dee

"Thank you very much for putting Louisa on to our case; she has provided outstanding support from the start. Her enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to the task have been superb and at all times her communications were clear and straightforward. She was proactive in dealing with issues and provided regular updates so that I was always certain how the conveyancing was progressing. I will continue to recommend DC Kaye & Co to friends and colleagues who ask for legal support." BS

"We were saying that you don't often come across such care and kindness. You stand out because you showed us so much compassion. You are also very committed and professional and went the extra mile every time. We honestly cannot thank you enough and although not under the best circumstances - we did get to meet an outstanding person - thank you again. You have definitely made the process a bit easier. You were amazing and committed. We were placed under such tight time constraints and considering this you still met their deadline." SV and GV

"Super news Nick, thanks again for all your efforts to drive things along, in the right direction." PW and NW

"Nick, I would like to say it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for all the advice and listening. The service you gave me was first class. Best Regards" SK

"Thanks to Nick Hallchurch for his considerate care with our matter. Also to his secretary for her help." AR

"I wanted to write and give a review of the service I have received from DC Kaye & Co and in particular the fantastic work and help from Louisa Dearlove. The service to date has been first class and I am extremely happy to recommend D C Kaye & Co. Louisa has been an absolute star throughout – even though we have had some quite difficult situations. The whole process has been so much easier knowing that I have someone who is very engaging, explains what and how we need to get everything done and has time to explain and importantly laugh at the absurdity of the situations we found ourselves in. I can’t thank Louisa enough for her help and will recommend her highly." WB

"I would just quickly like too say how good Louisa has been for me and the sale of my flat recently - I’m not really in the knowledge of how all the things work regarding the sale and she was so understanding and took her time to explain to me how things work and why - ‘basically talking English to me’. Without her I would have been lost so therefore just wanted to send a positive email for her work - people are quick too complain but not so to give praise! I have used DC Kaye in the past and always had a positive experience and plan to carry on using especially after my latest experience with you. Thank you again." SH

"I just wanted to say how amazing Louisa has been through out the whole process of purchasing my new property. She has been totally on the ball, answering queries really promptly and liaising with the Property Developer and Estate agent on my behalf I am so grateful I was introduced to her." DL

"David, I am very happy with the outcome, and very grateful for all the work you and your colleagues have done on my behalf. I have been awarded damages, and do not need to go to court. I can see that it's a very good result - almost 100% of what I had asked for, no need to go to court. I am and have been very glad of and grateful for your perseverance, commitment and diligence on my behalf." KH

"David, I was reading Ghandi the other day. He had been told as a young man that being a Lawyer was a liar’s profession and was preparing for his practice. He was determined to keep integrity. He became known for this, and after a while only honest cases came his way. Good to hear of Lawyers like yourself. Peace to you." LC

"Dear David, Claire and Viki, thank you for all your work and efforts on my behalf over the last years and for ensuring such a good outcome. I am extremely grateful for your perseverance and high standards. PS the outcome will be an extremely helpful boost in retraining and beginning a new career. Thank you." KH

"Dear David, thank you for your help in this matter. Your advice was invaluable and helped us resolve (almost) all the outstanding amounts all be it at a significant cost but less than the potential fees to take action against them. We are glad to be out of the relationship with them. Just to let you know that we have now instructed Mr Kaye on the matter of a lease property in High Wycombe so we will be making some contribution to the Christmas Fund." CS

"Hi David, Thanks again for your support, you made the whole situation clear and as straightforward as possible, I am grateful for your support and reassurance and will recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity to do so, best wishes." JA

"David was extremely supportive and knowledgeable and I felt like I was in safe hands through a very stressful time." CB

"Very professional yet very supportive and managed to get a good outcome – I was really impressed at the ‘availability’ of David at such short notice, nothing seemed to be too much trouble – thank you very much!" JS

"Dear David, thank you for your help and guidance in this matter. We will be in touch if we require further services like wills etc." PM

"I thought David was very kind at a very difficult time in my life. He made me feel better about all the terrible things that were happening to me. I wish him luck for his future career." AB

"Please extend our much appreciated thanks to David for dealing with this matter for us, excellent service as normal." AP

"David thank you for your work and careful consideration. I will be happy to call upon your services again if the need arises." PF

"David thank you ever so much for all your help at such short notice." MH

"David, I very much appreciate all your help in the past and wish you well. Many thanks in advance and kind regards." AG

"Mr Williams, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, clear understanding and informed advice with regard to my matter. My very best wishes." AO

"David, thank you for your instructions in this case and all the support you gave me." NP

"David: Fantastic Service, nothing too much trouble, would highly recommend." BF

"David, it has been a pleasure to be your client." SM

"David, Professional supportive service." MV

"Thank you so much for your help and advice throughout David." TH

"I would, and you have, given this to David at DC Kaye and asked him to ‘Sort this idiot out!!!’" JS

"Finally, David, I do thank you for your guidance and help in this matter, and will certainly use you again in the future if required." PE

"David, I cannot thank you enough for all your on going support and advice with this matter, you have been a star." EB

"Dear Viki, thank you so much and please thank David again for me for his very professional and thorough review of the document." DH

"Hi David, thank you again so very much for resolving what could have been a very painful situation." SM

"David has been very helpful and i would be most grateful if you could pass on my gratitude. Please thank him once again you are a very kind company." TB

"David thank you for your help and support." NM

"Dear Mr Williams, I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your kindness at a difficult time for me. I hope it gives you a deep sense of pride in your own professionalism." AO

"David, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help. You have made my day!" LW

"Dear David, I really value you expertise and trust you to get the best result for me." MH

"David: Thank you. You have taken on board all my concerns. I think DC Kaye has EXCELLENT lawyers." EG

"Thanks again for your help and support with this David. You've helped make this daunting and difficult process a lot more comfortable." JM

"The service I had from Paul Prikryl was exceptional. Even though land transactions like this usually take 3-4 weeks minimum, Paul managed to complete our transaction within a week, meeting our deadline. I shall certainly be using Paul and DC Kaye & Co. in the future for any other legal work." GB

"Hello David, an amazing letter...very thorough .....I am speechless with admiration. I can honestly think of nothing to add to your well-crafted letter." KR

"I have complete faith in David so we do want DC Kaye to handle this for us. Robust assertive control is what I am looking for." JC

"Dear David, firstly I must say how much my family have appreciated D C Kaye’s help. All those involved at your end have absolutely confirmed my original recommendation of D C Kaye to my relatives: that yours is a firm which can be relied upon to supply personal, approachable, and very high quality service." RC

"Dear David, once again, very many thanks for your advice and for seeing me the other day. I shall have no hesitation in using your firm's services, should I need them in the future." ME

"To Tracy, Clare & all at DC Kaye, a big thank you and promise we don’t plan to move house again before a couple of years! Best wishes." S & ST

"Viki – Many thanks for all your support – it was much appreciated." LK

"We had an appointment with Stuart Bagshaw whom we had never met. What TERRIFIC service this chap gave us! Such good knowledge and helpfulness, and to boot, what a lovely man! Please pass on our comments to him and thank him. Through him your company have made a new client albeit not very active ones at present." R & CY

"I wish to make you aware of the excellent support I have received from Stuart Bagshaw. His efforts on my behalf with my claim have been superb and successful. I cannot thank him enough. He is a very good solicitor and he has people skills which are superb. He has put up with my questions, querying, challenging – the lot – and has been skilled in dealing with all that without making me feel that I was either a fool or a pain in the neck. My thanks and I will recommend DC Kaye & Co, Stuart in particular, whenever I can." EG

"Dear Mr Bagshaw, we want to say thank you so much for all the help and advice that you kindly gave us on your several visits to see us. We are very satisfied." EH & JH

"Dear Tracy, many thanks for all of your help you have been excellent, I will certainly recommend you to others and if I decide to move myself again at some point I will not hesitate to contact you. Thanks again and all the best." PT

"Dear Tracy, that was the fastest completion we have ever had in 31 years!" Tim Russ (Estate Agents)

"Thank you Tracy. Thanks for all your help and advice last week too. You made a difficult decision easier. I am hoping to be in need of your services again very soon! Thanks for everything." RJ

"Tracy is amazing. She talks to me in words I can understand and made me feel like an important client." SW

"Excellent service from Lucy. Hang on to her. She does you proud." AVP

"Dear David, I want to thank you sincerely for your help. It will make a huge difference to my family." MH

"Dear David, many thanks for the excellent advice today." MK

"Morning David,[I] know that you will give very solid sound advice to my closest and dearest friend, … I couldn't think of a better man to help him." PE

"Dear David, thanks so much for taking the time to look over the contract. The [other] lawyer did not bring up any of what you have mentioned and fortunately they haven’t signed the contract yet so are really grateful for your comments." BJ

"Dear David, once again, thank you for your continued empathy and sensitive support… You work so hard… Thank you again David, for all your help." FB

"David thanks again for your fighting help!" JF

"May I just send a quick note to say how well Matthew has dealt with the purchase of the above property, on behalf of his client. We have exchanged in about 16 working days and he has been extremely efficient throughout!" WYE Country Estate Agents

"Dear David, thank you very much for your time in working on this issue with me. I am delighted with the outcome and pleased that we can put this thing behind us." BT

"Paul, I hope you don’t mind but I have given your details as our solicitor to deal with the legal part of this. We were so impressed with the way you handled our last matter and as discussed we would love to use you again." JS

"Dear Claire I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping me through the last 4 years." EF

"Please convey my gratitude to Mr Williams for all his help." EF

"Hello David, As you can see the outcome has been very successful, I owe you a big thank you for the advice given which no doubt helped this outcome." DL

"Please pass on my thanks to Paul and Lucy. Each of them have provided my family with tremendous assistance over the last year, and have cemented my view of DC Kaye as a firm which really looks after its clients." RC

"David, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside you and your excellent firm and look forward to the future." RC

"Dear Mr Williams, just a quick note to say thank you for your help in this matter. Once again many thanks to you and your team." JC

"Hello David… I just want to say a BIG thank you for all your help and patience during what has been a very difficult 18 months….finally I see the light!" TE

"Dear David, Many, many thanks for your advice and most valued time." RL

"Dear David, I am most grateful for the detailed consideration of the points I raised and your explanation of the clauses and terminology which were difficult to understand; I appreciate enormously the time you took when you are so busy." E CP

"Dear David, thank you so much for [the trial] last week, I was very pleased with the outcome." LH

"I was extremely happy with the services provided by David Williams." MB

"Please thank David Williams once again for all his help and courtesy – it was a pleasure to deal with him." MB

"Dear David, I really appreciate your help and wish that I’d found you instead of [another firm of solicitors] initially as I’m sure you would have resolved it for me at considerably less cost in financial and emotional terms." MB

"Dear Mr Williams, I would like to thank you very much for all your time, patience and help. I can now finally have closure on this matter." JL

"Dear David, I am most grateful and thank you for your consideration towards me from our first meeting." EP

"Dear David, my family and I would like to say a big thank you to you for all of the hard work you have carried out for me over these recent years." MB

"Mr Williams and Miss Ryall were very professional and made sure that I fully understood what was involved. They supported me throughout my matter and kept me fully informed of any changes and developments. They fought my case successfully and I am truly grateful. I would recommend DC Kaye & Co to anyone seeking legal advice." EF

"Thank you for all your support throughout the case and we appreciate everything that you did to help us." KP

"Thank you and Viki Summers for all of your help in this matter." JS

"[My legal team] have been very helpful in guiding me – I could not have wished for better or more considerate advice, with special mention and much thanks to Mr David Williams and Viki Summers." AM

"A string of personal, legal catastrophes followed for me and, without the massive support and legal wisdom of Mr David Williams of DC Kaye & Co solicitors, together with friends, I would not be alive today." AM

"Mr Williams, thank you very much again for your support and interest in this case, and for your invaluable help in the past." RG

"That's brilliant news David, amazing job you have done, thanks. I hope he wasn't rude to anyone on the phone this morning begrudgingly giving his credit card details!!!!" EB

"David, we would like to say a sincere thank you for the way in which you have shown great understanding and empathy towards us as a family throughout this difficult period." PB

"In a tidal wave of legal trouble aimed at me over a number of years Mr David Williams, solicitor, has been a shining example of the very best a person could ever have to represent them. He has again and again gone above and beyond the call of duty to do his very best for me in all matters and I think myself very lucky that he has been willing to do so. [He is] always ready to help and consider with respect any idea I may have. Where other members of the legal profession have made things go wrong, Mr David Williams has done his very best to put them right. In short, if you are looking for the very best solicitor in the world, my vote is for him. David Williams is like a lion!" AM

"David handled my [case] and I was pleased with the simplicity and swiftness with which it was dealt." DP

"I cannot fully express my gratitude to you for your kindness and patience towards me and this case. I am forever indebted. Your generosity in getting this claim settled has moved me to tears. Happy tears. Thank you." JC

"You have been so kind in advising us and keeping our costs down. We really appreciate all you have done for us and will be recommending you to anyone who needs a great lawyer." RGR

"[We] were saying that you don't often come across such care and kindness. You stand out because you showed us so much compassion. You are also very committed and professional and went the extra mile every time. We honestly cannot thank you enough and although not under the best circumstances - we did get to meet an outstanding person - thank you again. You have definitely made the process easier. You were amazing and committed. [We were] placed under such tight time constraints and considering this you still met their deadline." SV

"Dear Bryony, I wanted to compliment you on the thoroughly professional manner in which you conducted this matter. This was a long and complicated conveyance and I have been hugely impressed by your professionalism, excellent and proactive communication and by the way that you kept going the extra mile for your client. The efforts you went to yesterday afternoon to make sure the buyer received her keys is a case in point. A pleasure to have worked with you." CG

"I just wanted to say a personal thank you for all the hard work you have both put into this. It has been a frustrating process and we couldn’t have got this far without your help and persistence, so thank you very much." JM

"Thank you once again for everything Bryony. You have been amazing. Thank you for all of your work and keeping us in the loop at every stage." DTS

"Paul, I really appreciate the assistance that you have given [our clients] in the very tight timescale that I gave you and if I am able to refer any more clients to you… then I will not hesitate to do so. It’s refreshing to find someone that works to the same urgency as I do!" SB

"I am in awe Paul thank you so… very very much." SM

"Thank you Paul for taking us on, and at such short notice. We know you have worked some late nights in the past week. We are so thrilled you have managed to complete everything and very impressed with your help with everything. You have all been a massive impact and inspiration to us, you have given us a new start and we cannot express how thankful we are for everything you all have done for us." LG

"My experience with Paul at your firm has been excellent and we are close to resolution of a boundary dispute in a couple of months where my previous solicitor had failed in 2½ years." MD

"Paul, I’m not sure you realize the depth of your work last week and its consummation today, 6 April 2016, but your work has had a huge, positive impact to my life. It’s completed an 8-year divorce settlement, given me my freedom financially, provided a home, and allowed a new start with my wife-to-be. And, it prevented me having to go to court with the unsureness and risk it brings. Thank you very much. I hope this card reminds you what your work can mean at times, to some people. All the Best." KJ

"Thank you for the excellent service in relation to my house sale; I would certainly recommend you to others." DC

"Just want to say thank you again for all your efforts in regards to our house move. I believe some other companies may not have got the exchanged done by that date. Thank you again." J

"Very pleased with every aspect of the service. Staff all most helpful and considerate." BL

"We were very satisfied with all elements of the consideration and service we received. With thanks." M & L B

"Very helpful, friendly staff at both Prestwood and Wendover offices." RA

"Thank you very much. Your service was very professional and friendly and efficient." S & S G

"Thank you for your responses and friendly service." DB

"I really appreciate you always making time for me and your continued professionalism. Do be assured, I shall always recommend your company's services to others now and in the future." JT

"Thank you for doing such a great job, we do appreciate your persistence, tenacity and ability to deal with others who are far less organised than yourself!!! Best Wishes." ST

"I was very pleased with the service from DC Kaye – Hayley and Hilary were a pleasure to deal with and had everything well under control." SC

"Glad this is now all sorted, thank you for your humour throughout!" GM

"Can’t believe how efficient and helpful you have both been, thank you so much." TK x

"I like your thinking below of copying everyone on the email and guiding them on how it should be taken forward from here! Nice work – another good result for a Friday!" NB

"A quick note to say- "Thank YOU so much" for the help in completing our house buying process." RM

"Thank you so much and for all the detailed work you have done. The list you provided to the vendor solicitor is very comprehensive, so thank you again. I appreciate the speed of what you have done and I am grateful. I will need legal assistance in future with further purchases so thank you again and hopefully this can be resolved asap." CW

"Linda, many thanks for the documents and all of your help. It's been an excellent service by DC Kaye & Co once again. Would you please pass on my thanks and regards to Paul too." BS

"Thank you and all the staff for your kindness and patience in helping us though what has been a very difficult time." Mr and Mrs C

"A serious big big thank you for doing this for us. We are extremely grateful for giving this priority and making it happen on time with the court." PK

"You and Paul have done a great job - thanks very much." SR

"I wouldn't hesitate to come to yourselves in the future but would also recommend to my friends and family." JS

"I am so impressed Paul." SM

"Thank you so much for promptly dealing with what has been causing me so much trauma. I was stunned by your assertiveness on my behalf and your ability to successfully resolve this matter in such a timely and simple way. The way you negotiated this settlement was amazing." MC

"Once again thanks for all you hard work and making my case concrete and well organised so the Judge saw the truth." TB

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