Company Shareholders Agreements

When two or more persons create a Limited Company, they will want to have an Agreement in place that regulates the arrangements between them.

Our standard Shareholder Agreement provides you with peace of mind on a number of potentially important issues, such as:
  • How the important Company decisions are taken
  • How you can dispose of your shares (exiting the Company)
  • The procedure if a shareholder dies or has to leave the Company
  • The procedure if the Company is bought out or merged – how will each shareholder be treated fairly?
  • The process of valuing the shares for someone wishing to sell their shareholding
  • Binding any new shareholders to the same agreement
We can advise the initial shareholders on drawing up their Shareholders Agreement and can later advise the shareholders or the Company in the event that the provisions contained in the agreement need to be acted upon.

To arrange an appointment to discuss with one of our specialist lawyers, please contact the Company & Commercial Department partner Paul Prikryl.

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