Dissolving Partnerships and Liquidating Companies

When you decide that your business needs to be wound up or dissolved, we can advise and assist you as to the correct procedure and method to achieve your best outcome. Once a decision is taken, we can help you with the legal formalities of winding up and dissolving a business.

There are many factors to consider, including:
  1. The preferable taxation structure for your business – is it better to change to a Ltd company, or an LLP or from a Ltd company structure to a regular partnership?
  2. How your employees are going to be treated
  3. If your business is merely changing its legal structure, what are the implications for your employees or workforce?
  4. Any Capital Gains Tax implications
  5. Dealing with the goodwill of the business
  6. Advising on the obligations to creditors and the collecting in of monies from debtors
To arrange an appointment to discuss with one of our specialist lawyers, please contact the Company & Commercial Department partner Paul Prikryl.

Telephone: 01296 596969
Email: paul@dc-kaye.co.uk
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