Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures (employees)

Grievance and disciplinary proceedings are the formal ways that your Employer must deal with your complaints or issues that it has with you or your performance.

In law there is an emphasis on the Employer and Employee using the Employer’s internal grievance/ disciplinary procedure to resolve issues between you, however this does not mean that you cannot take legal advice during the process.

If you are involved in or contemplating grievance or disciplinary proceedings then you are likely to benefit from our advice. In particular there may be serious consequences to disciplinary proceedings against you and you should pay particular scrutiny as to whether your Employer has followed a fair procedure. If your Employer has failed to follow a correct disciplinary procedure or to allow you to have your say then your dismissal may be unfair.

You should take advice at an early stage to ensure that the correct process is followed by your Employer when dealing with your grievance or disciplinary matter to ensure that, where possible, it is resolved appropriately.

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