Redundancy (employees)

The definition of redundancy for employment law purposes is that the Employer essentially requires fewer people. This may arise in several different circumstances where the business that the Employer is engaged in disappears, the place of work disappears or the Employee’s job disappears.

As well as being an upsetting and unsettling time for an Employee, a redundancy or purported redundancy may give rise to an employment claim if it is not conducted correctly. An Employee may be entitled to claim for wrongful dismissal if the purported redundancy breaches the Employee’s contract of employment, or claim for unfair dismissal if their Employer has not followed a fair procedure when making the Employee redundant or has dismissed the Employee for a reason other than redundancy that is automatically unfair.

If you are being dismissed for reason of redundancy you may be entitled to a statutory redundancy payment which your Employer is legally obligated to pay to you. We suggest that you contact our solicitors to obtain independent advice regarding your redundancy and the procedure that your Employer has followed. We can advise you of your statutory and contractual entitlements.

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyers please contact the Employment Department secretary Viki Summers.

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