Selling a Property

  1. We send you client care letter with several property forms to complete with various details about the property you are about to sell and to give us all the original documents related to the property to assist your prospective buyers.
  2. We obtain the legal title and prepare the contract papers which we send together with the property forms to the buyers’ solicitors.
  3. We answer (with your help, if necessary) any enquiries the buyers raise.
  4. We will ask you to sign the contract and the transfer in which you will transfer the property to the buyers and meet with you to discuss these matters if required.
  5. We exchange contracts with the agreed completion date making your sale binding and receive a deposit.
  6. We obtain the mortgage redemption statements from your bank/building society if there are mortgages on the property.
  7. We deal with any apportionments on leasehold properties to make sure that you are not overpaying.
  8. Once we receive the balance of the sale price on completion date, we agree to release the keys to enable the buyers to move in, pay the agents fees if any and other costs, redeem all mortgages if any and then send the balance to you.
  9. We send the relevant originals and title deeds to the buyers’ solicitors and assist them with any registration enquiries where necessary.
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