David Williams


After completing his first degree David worked in the commercial sector, in marketing, for a number of years during which he found his calling drafting contracts, non-disclosure agreements, business terms & conditions and dealing with debt-recovery/litigation for the organisations he worked for, as well as succeeding in that industry because of his ability to communicate accurately and persuasively. David decided to retrain to pursue his strengths and he subsequently obtained two postgraduate qualifications in law and legal practice.

David joined DC Kaye & Co in 2009 to specialise into its long-established departments in private and commercial litigation, employment law and criminal defence service.

David quickly proved himself at DC Kaye & Co because of his success with his cases and he was promoted to Head of Litigation in 2011. In early 2013 David was invited into the partnership and became the joint equal owner and Partner/Director of the firm with its longstanding owner and Partner/Director Mr Paul Prikryl, who himself directly took over ownership of the firm from its founder and now Consultant Mr Donald Kaye.

David and Paul share a strong mutual vision about the high-level of service that clients have a right to expect of their lawyers and which their firm is determined to deliver believing in the fundamental value of helping their clients get the best advice at the right time because it is almost always more difficult and expensive to sort out disputes in the future if ambiguities or mistakes occur because legal advice was not taken early enough at the right time.

David is strong in his technical understanding of the law, lateral thinking and yet practical with his advice. His approach to his cases is methodical and incredibly conscientious. He is tenacious, persuasive in Court and in correspondence and shrewd in his legal drafting. He has an enviable success rate with his cases in both the County Court and High Court. You are in safe hands if you instruct David.

Every litigation case is essentially a project that requires the best project management to ensure expedient and efficient success having regard to legal and factual risk analysis, cost vs. benefit analysis and budgeting at all levels.

David has excellent project management skills arising out of his commercial background as well as his thorough knowledge of the civil legal system, its permutations and the contingencies that may arise. In fact David’s client’s rate his skills and foresight for anticipating the contingencies that some lawyers may miss which means that David’s clients are rarely surprised – even by the ‘unexpected’.

David's Services

David is well respected for his conscientious client care, professional manner and determination to fight for the very best outcome for his clients and he is regularly recommended throughout Buckinghamshire and beyond as a result.

As an employer himself as well as being an employment and commercial law practitioner David is well placed to provide practical legal advice about your business. David often provides consultation support to all departments within our firm and he has excellent foresight as a litigator as to what exposures clients may face in their varied matters and how to help reduce that risk.

David is at home when advising on extremely complex cases and high value litigation claims having brought claims in excess of £1.5million pounds and defending claims in excess of £1.25million pounds as well as litigating ‘small claim’ cases which he always treats with equal care and importance as a matter of principle. David is never fazed, always resourceful and whilst recognised for being empathetic and kind to his clients he can be ‘a Rottweiler’ to his opponents and you will be very pleased to have David on your side.

David regularly represents clients in the County Court and High Court as well as representing clients at alternative dispute resolution sessions such as formal mediation.

David routinely accepts cases for medical negligence and professional negligence claims and is developing an increasing client following for claims involving land, such as claims for specific performance of a contract for the sale of land and claims relating to easements/ rights of way and boundary disputes.

Among other areas in law, David has developed a particular level of expertise in contentious probate disputes that he conducts with the added benefit of assistance from the firm’s specialist and expert private client Tax, Wills, Trusts and probate department.

David’s experience advising employers and employees in complex areas of employment law has given him excellent foresight when drafting and advising on contracts of employment and other contracts for both employers and employees alike. David is excellent at anticipating problems before they arise and he uses his legal drafting skills to provide protection for his clients in what are often very specific, specialised and unique circumstances.

David is an adept negotiator and as a business owner himself he is commercially aware and sensitive to the needs of both employers and employees. David advises on a wide range of business needs including sales/ purchases, shareholders’/partnership agreements, employment issues, contracts and anything else you might need advice upon to help you with your business or employment, including drafting contracts or advice about restraints of trade.

David also acts for clients involved in criminal proceedings, providing a defence service as well as acting for clients who wish to bring private prosecutions.

David regularly provides defence advice to clients charged with offences ranging from the more ‘minor’ motoring offences through to offences including serious sexual offences, acquisitive crime, fraud and assault in which clients face potentially lengthy custodial sentences. David provides support and advice for clients at the police station when interviewed under caution and when cooperating voluntarily with the police as well as throughout any subsequent Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court proceedings.

Some of David’s criminal cases have been high profile, although for his obvious respect for client privacy these are not cited by name notwithstanding the excellent results David achieved for those clients and the wider publicity they have received.

Who Instructs David

David is willing to act for anyone who wishes to instruct him. He is instructed, trusted and endorsed by a wide range of clients including private individuals, professionals including other firms of solicitors, surveyors, accountants, actors, commercial companies/partnerships, public/private sector organisations such as Town Councils, Parish Councils and Private Schools in a variety of civil matters acting for both Claimants and Defendants.

David is regularly re-instructed by his existing and previous clients who return time and time again to him and also often ask him to keep their file open even after a particular matter has concluded because they anticipate wanting his advice on various future matters throughout the years. David also accepts retainers on an annual fixed-fee basis by clients such as companies and other organisations who want to retain his services for a fixed-fee because they know they will want to call upon his valuable advice repeatedly at short notice and enjoy the rapport they have with him and the reliability and quality of both his and his department’s advice and service.

David's department

Due to growing demand and word-of-mouth recommendations David has increased the number of staff working with him directly in his litigation department to meet that demand. David and his business partner Paul have together recruited a very bright and most dedicated team of lawyers and litigation assistants/executives who work with David to ensure an efficient and smooth service, providing continuity for clients, and brilliant legal minds making sure you get the very best advice and every aspect of your case is used to its strongest effect to ensure the best result for you.

The following lawyers, litigation executives and assistants work in David’s department:

David Williams – BA PGDL PGDip Solicitor
Viki Summers – FILS

Please contact David and his team by email at david@dc-kaye.co.uk, viki@dc-kaye.co.uk, claire@dc-kaye.co.uk, rachel@dc-kaye.co.uk or telephone 01494 862226 or complete a confidential contact form here.

Special services and offers you may not know we provide:

David’s litigation department offers a 30-minute FREE advice appointment on civil, commercial, employment and criminal matters to initially discuss your matter and to give you some initial help and advice.

The best way to find out what we can do to help you is to speak to us, as we cannot set out in a web page everything that we can offer to do to help you. Call us now; there is no obligation, no fuss; just informative help.

David and his department offer:
  • An expert first-class service
  • Free half hour advice sessions
  • Weekly/monthly clinics at well established public and private organisations
  • Fixed fee commercial debt collection letters (£90 + VAT) for applicable cases
  • Fixed fee landlord and tenant advice fees/drafting of legal documents for applicable cases
  • Fixed fee commercial contract drafting subject to individual agreements
  • Late/evening appointments

"David, I am very happy with the outcome, and very grateful for all the work you and your colleagues have done on my behalf. I have been awarded damages, and do not need to go to court. I can see that it's a very good result - almost 100% of what I had asked for, no need to go to court. I am and have been very glad of and grateful for your perseverance, commitment and diligence on my behalf." KH

"David, I was reading Ghandi the other day. He had been told as a young man that being a Lawyer was a liar’s profession and was preparing for his practice. He was determined to keep integrity. He became known for this, and after a while only honest cases came his way. Good to hear of Lawyers like yourself. Peace to you." LC

"Dear David, Claire and Viki, thank you for all your work and efforts on my behalf over the last years and for ensuring such a good outcome. I am extremely grateful for your perseverance and high standards. PS the outcome will be an extremely helpful boost in retraining and beginning a new career. Thank you." KH

"Dear David, thank you for your help in this matter. Your advice was invaluable and helped us resolve (almost) all the outstanding amounts all be it at a significant cost but less than the potential fees to take action against them. We are glad to be out of the relationship with them. Just to let you know that we have now instructed Mr Kaye on the matter of a lease property in High Wycombe so we will be making some contribution to the Christmas Fund." CS

"Hi David, Thanks again for your support, you made the whole situation clear and as straightforward as possible, I am grateful for your support and reassurance and will recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity to do so, best wishes." JA

"David was extremely supportive and knowledgeable and I felt like I was in safe hands through a very stressful time." CB

"Very professional yet very supportive and managed to get a good outcome – I was really impressed at the ‘availability’ of David at such short notice, nothing seemed to be too much trouble – thank you very much!" JS

"Dear David, thank you for your help and guidance in this matter. We will be in touch if we require further services like wills etc." PM

"I thought David was very kind at a very difficult time in my life. He made me feel better about all the terrible things that were happening to me. I wish him luck for his future career." AB

"Please extend our much appreciated thanks to David for dealing with this matter for us, excellent service as normal." AP

"David thank you for your work and careful consideration. I will be happy to call upon your services again if the need arises." PF

"David thank you ever so much for all your help at such short notice." MH

"David, I very much appreciate all your help in the past and wish you well. Many thanks in advance and kind regards." AG

"Mr Williams, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, clear understanding and informed advice with regard to my matter. My very best wishes." AO

"David, thank you for your instructions in this case and all the support you gave me." NP

"David: Fantastic Service, nothing too much trouble, would highly recommend." BF

"David, it has been a pleasure to be your client." SM

"David, Professional supportive service." MV

"Thank you so much for your help and advice throughout David." TH

"I would, and you have, given this to David at DC Kaye and asked him to ‘Sort this idiot out!!!’" JS

"Finally, David, I do thank you for your guidance and help in this matter, and will certainly use you again in the future if required." PE

"David, I cannot thank you enough for all your on going support and advice with this matter, you have been a star." EB

"Dear Viki, thank you so much and please thank David again for me for his very professional and thorough review of the document." DH

"Hi David, thank you again so very much for resolving what could have been a very painful situation." SM

"David has been very helpful and i would be most grateful if you could pass on my gratitude. Please thank him once again you are a very kind company." TB

"David thank you for your help and support." NM

"Dear Mr Williams, I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your kindness at a difficult time for me. I hope it gives you a deep sense of pride in your own professionalism." AO

"David, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help. You have made my day!" LW

"Dear David, I really value you expertise and trust you to get the best result for me." MH

"David: Thank you. You have taken on board all my concerns. I think DC Kaye has EXCELLENT lawyers." EG

"Thanks again for your help and support with this David. You've helped make this daunting and difficult process a lot more comfortable." JM

"Hello David, an amazing letter...very thorough .....I am speechless with admiration. I can honestly think of nothing to add to your well-crafted letter." KR

"I have complete faith in David so we do want DC Kaye to handle this for us. Robust assertive control is what I am looking for." JC

"Dear David, firstly I must say how much my family have appreciated D C Kaye’s help. All those involved at your end have absolutely confirmed my original recommendation of D C Kaye to my relatives: that yours is a firm which can be relied upon to supply personal, approachable, and very high quality service." RC

"Dear David, once again, very many thanks for your advice and for seeing me the other day. I shall have no hesitation in using your firm's services, should I need them in the future." ME

"Dear David, I want to thank you sincerely for your help. It will make a huge difference to my family." MH

"Dear David, many thanks for the excellent advice today." MK

"Morning David,[I] know that you will give very solid sound advice to my closest and dearest friend, … I couldn't think of a better man to help him." PE

"Dear David, thanks so much for taking the time to look over the contract. The [other] lawyer did not bring up any of what you have mentioned and fortunately they haven’t signed the contract yet so are really grateful for your comments." BJ

"Dear David, once again, thank you for your continued empathy and sensitive support… You work so hard… Thank you again David, for all your help." FB

"David thanks again for your fighting help!" JF

"Dear David, thank you very much for your time in working on this issue with me. I am delighted with the outcome and pleased that we can put this thing behind us." BT

"Please convey my gratitude to Mr Williams for all his help." EF

"Hello David, As you can see the outcome has been very successful, I owe you a big thank you for the advice given which no doubt helped this outcome." DL

"David, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside you and your excellent firm and look forward to the future." RC

"Dear Mr Williams, just a quick note to say thank you for your help in this matter. Once again many thanks to you and your team." JC

"Hello David… I just want to say a BIG thank you for all your help and patience during what has been a very difficult 18 months….finally I see the light!" TE

"Dear David, Many, many thanks for your advice and most valued time." RL

"Dear David, I am most grateful for the detailed consideration of the points I raised and your explanation of the clauses and terminology which were difficult to understand; I appreciate enormously the time you took when you are so busy." E CP

"Dear David, thank you so much for [the trial] last week, I was very pleased with the outcome." LH

"I was extremely happy with the services provided by David Williams." MB

"Please thank David Williams once again for all his help and courtesy – it was a pleasure to deal with him." MB

"Dear David, I really appreciate your help and wish that I’d found you instead of [another firm of solicitors] initially as I’m sure you would have resolved it for me at considerably less cost in financial and emotional terms." MB

"Dear Mr Williams, I would like to thank you very much for all your time, patience and help. I can now finally have closure on this matter." JL

"Dear David, I am most grateful and thank you for your consideration towards me from our first meeting." EP

"Dear David, my family and I would like to say a big thank you to you for all of the hard work you have carried out for me over these recent years." MB

"Mr Williams and Miss Ryall were very professional and made sure that I fully understood what was involved. They supported me throughout my matter and kept me fully informed of any changes and developments. They fought my case successfully and I am truly grateful. I would recommend DC Kaye & Co to anyone seeking legal advice." EF

"Thank you for all your support throughout the case and we appreciate everything that you did to help us." KP

"[My legal team] have been very helpful in guiding me – I could not have wished for better or more considerate advice, with special mention and much thanks to Mr David Williams and Viki Summers." AM

"A string of personal, legal catastrophes followed for me and, without the massive support and legal wisdom of Mr David Williams of DC Kaye & Co solicitors, together with friends, I would not be alive today." AM

"Mr Williams, thank you very much again for your support and interest in this case, and for your invaluable help in the past." RG

"That's brilliant news David, amazing job you have done, thanks. I hope he wasn't rude to anyone on the phone this morning begrudgingly giving his credit card details!!!!" EB

"David, we would like to say a sincere thank you for the way in which you have shown great understanding and empathy towards us as a family throughout this difficult period." PB

"In a tidal wave of legal trouble aimed at me over a number of years Mr David Williams, solicitor, has been a shining example of the very best a person could ever have to represent them. He has again and again gone above and beyond the call of duty to do his very best for me in all matters and I think myself very lucky that he has been willing to do so. [He is] always ready to help and consider with respect any idea I may have. Where other members of the legal profession have made things go wrong, Mr David Williams has done his very best to put them right. In short, if you are looking for the very best solicitor in the world, my vote is for him. David Williams is like a lion!" AM

"David handled my [case] and I was pleased with the simplicity and swiftness with which it was dealt." DP

"Once again thanks for all you hard work and making my case concrete and well organised so the Judge saw the truth." TB

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