Disputes Over Boundaries

We believe that the first step to resolving a dispute about where a boundary lies is to try and establish legally where the boundary is. It may also help to clarify who is responsible for the maintenance of that boundary as this is often a point of contention.

The law regarding boundaries can be quite surprising and we suggest that it is always better to take advice as soon as possible as this may prevent a dispute escalating or even arising in the first place.

Some boundary disputes may be more complicated than simply investigating the deeds of the property. For example, you or your neighbour may have been using land that is not actually yours for a number of years. In such circumstances this may give rise to a claim in adverse possession where after a certain period of time the person possessing the land may have acquired legal rights to it. This area of law is complex and at DC Kaye & Co we are experienced at assisting our clients with either a claim in adverse possession or in objecting to such a claim made over your land.
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