Land Disputes

Our clients often report that they find disputes over boundaries or rights of way with their neighbours to be extremely stressful and potentially volatile situations. It can be particularly difficult if the dispute makes you feel insecure in your home or harassed or threatened by your neighbour. Accordingly we are committed to helping our clients (and thus the other parties to the dispute) consider the legal issues involved in the dispute and work toward a cost effective and amicable solution.

At DC Kaye & Co we believe that an early assessment of your case is vital in these sorts of disputes so that you have a good understanding of your legal position before either making or responding to a claim. This way, if you are left with no alternative but to progress your matter to Court you will be doing so fully aware of what matters are to be decided by the Court and what risks might be involved.

Land disputes can involve a range of matters; follow the links below for some of the most frequent.
  At DC Kaye & Co we are committed to helping our clients identify the legal issues in dispute and to providing clear advice as to the merits of your case. In our experience we are able to resolve most matters without the need for a trial or final hearing, and often without Court proceedings being issued at all, however, if Court proceedings are going to be necessary we pride ourselves on maximising the chances that you will be successful in your case at Court.

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyers please contact our Litigation Department secretary Viki Summers.

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