Employment Rights and the Family, Maternity and Paternity Matters (Employers)

The law provides Employees with a number of rights relating to maternity and paternity issues in the workplace. For example an Employee may take maternity or paternity leave and have a right to be paid during this leave and is entitled to request flexible working.

DC Kaye Solicitors provide advice for Employers as to what the law requires of them when dealing with maternity and paternity rights and how they may operate their business in compliance with the law while protecting the needs of the business.

We believe in establishing good communication between Employers and Employees to develop a cooperative and supportive relationship while protecting the Employer’s position in an area of law where there are serious consequences for an Employer who is found to have infringed an Employee’s rights.

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyers please contact the Employment Department secretary Viki Summers.

Telephone: 01494 862226
Email: viki@dc-kaye.co.uk
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