Enforcing A Judgment

When deciding whether or not to enforce a judgment against someone you must consider their solvency; whether that person or company has a property or other assets against which you can secure your judgment. It may be that they have other goods or assets that it would be appropriate to instruct a County Court Bailiff or High Court Enforcement officer to seize.

We can advise you as to the most cost effective and expedient route to realising the judgment that you have fought hard to obtain. In particular we are able to advise you whether your debt can be transferred to the High Court to increase the level of interest you are able to claim. We can help you run searches on the debtor to establish what assets are in their name, what company details they have and other important facts that will help you to decide how to enforce the judgment.

There are many other ways to enforce a debt, for example by an attachment to earnings order, or by bankruptcy.

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