Civil Litigation

We provide advice and representation to a broad range of clients in a wide range of civil disputes, whether they are Claimant or Defendant to proceedings or simply involved in a dispute that does not go to Court.

The court system and court procedure as prescribed by the Civil Procedure Rules can be intimidating and complex to deal with. It is possible that certain errors when following court procedures can give rise to cost consequences, penalties, or even a technical defence to a claim that would otherwise have succeeded. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the support and clear advice that they need in what are usually very difficult and often emotional circumstances.

We act for both Claimants and Defendants alike. In either circumstances we suggest to clients that it is best practice to take legal advice at the earliest opportunity; either before you issue your claim at Court or as soon as you are informed that a person may sue you. Taking advice early on may avoid mistakes or errors of judgement that may either prevent your case from succeeding or prove costly or difficult to correct later on in proceedings.

Our aim is to provide our clients with:
Realistic advice about the merits their case
The chances of winning
The economics of running the case and the possibility of settling it by using negotiation options such as without prejudice offers, round table meetings or formal mediations/arbitrations where appropriate.
Civil disputes can range from ‘torts’ (which are claims based on civil wrongs such as negligence, defamation, trespass) to ‘contract’ claims (for example, breach of contact or misrepresentation, and ‘land disputes’, such as disputes regarding boundaries and rights of way).

Follow the links below for the specific services to see how we can help you. We have set out some information about some of the more frequent civil matters that we are often instructed on as well as some general information that may be of assistance.
Contract Disputes
Court Procedure: tracks, stages such as disclosure, witness statements etc
Debt Recovery
Consumer Disputes
Enforcing a Judgment
Personal Injury
Professional / Medical Negligence
Challenging a Will
Land Disputes (including Boundary Disputes and Disputes about Rights of Way and Easements)

Our Civil Litigation Team

David Williams - Solicitor, Partner / Director
Nick Hallchurch - Solicitor
Viki Summers - Litigation Assistant

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyers please contact our Litigation Assistants.

Amersham telephone: 01494 729024

Aylesbury telephone: 01296 596969

Prestwood telephone: 01494 862226

Wendover telephone: 01296 620443

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