Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures (employers)

Unfortunately from time to time most Employers will need to address grievances raised by an Employee or commence disciplinary procedures against an Employee.

Employment Law in the UK places a high importance on the need for Employers to ensure that is a fair procedure is followed when dealing with grievance and disciplinary matters, for example, it is entirely possible that even where an Employer may be perfectly entitled to dismiss an Employee for say gross misconduct, then that dismissal may still be found by an Employment Tribunal to be an ‘unfair dismissal’ if the Employer has not followed an appropriate procedure in dismissing the Employee.

This is particularly onerous for an Employer who may already have been prejudiced by the actions of the Employee who they wish to dismiss. It is therefore important to seek advice as soon as possible as to how to carry out fair procedures when dealing with grievances and disciplinary matters to avoid the risks of time consuming and costly Employment Tribunal proceedings that may lead to a disappointing result for an Employer if the correct procedures have not been followed.

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