The Employment Relationship

Due to the nature of Employment Law and the complex needs that a business may have which require flexibility on both the part of the Employer and Employee many queries and difficulties may arise in the working relationship between an Employer and an Employee.

European Union Law, The Working Time Regulations 1998 and changes in law established by case law in the courts mean that an Employer needs to remain updated of changes that can affect matters that otherwise seem straightforward, for example, payment of wages, hours of work, holiday entitlement and holiday pay, absence due to ill health.

DC Kaye Solicitors are able to advise Employers with clear and easy to follow advice on how to navigate the changes in the law and to ensure that Employers can implement and follow good working practice in accordance with the Law and to avoid potential time consuming and costly disputes. In circumstances where you may have a query on such a matter it is best to seek advice for clarification of your position as early as possible. We would recommend that you contact our Employment Law Department for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you.

To arrange an appointment to discuss with our specialist lawyers please contact the Employment Department secretary Viki Summers.

Telephone: 01494 862226
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